Who We Are

What We Do


Environmental Collaboration Ontario (ECO-AG) was formed in 2017 as a collaboration of provincial agriculture organizations that recognize the need to provide innovative and transformational leadership to enhance environmental outcomes and support

ECO-AG’s focus to date has been working in collaboration on phosphorus reduction in our province, to help clean up the great lakes protect our lakes for the next generation.

In partnership with governments of Ontario and Canada, along with a host of other stakeholders, ECO-AG has played a leadership role in developing the Canada-Ontario Lake Erie Action Plan (CO-LEAP).

Environmental Stewardship leadership collaboration

Farmers in Ontario have been and continue to be stewards of the land. We want to continue to make a positive impact on the environment, the economy and our communities.

ECO-AG’s work with governments and other interested groups, will protect our natural resources for future generations while continuing to produce the food, create jobs and suppor strong communities across the province.

We have learned much about collaboration and leadership. We want to further our ability to make a positive difference in supporting a healthy environment, a thriving economy and supporting strong communities. So much so, that we are building on the strengths and successes of our CO-LEAP activities, partnerships, experience in collaboration and success in achieving positive results.